About the programmer

My name is John Thiriet I live in France near Paris and work for MCNEXT. My work there mainly consists in developing XAML based applications though I sometimes work on ASP.NET MVC. I've been developing XAML applications for more than 4 years. I also participate in several .NET development communities in which I help as a speaker and by writing several articles on my blog. French speaking people can also read me in the magazine "Programmez !" in which I some articles in the past years.

I've been awarded Microsoft MVP Client Development in 2013. You can find more information on my MVP Profile.

Besides programming I have various point of interests such as :

  1. Reversi and Go games.
  2. Reading book.
  3. Learning chinese.
  4. Japanese animation.
  5. Cooking and baking.

MCNEXT has been working with Windows Phone and Windows 8 since the beginning. Don't hesitate to join us if you need help in you projects.